We have been working with Marce for 5 years now. We are now stronger and more fit than ever due to her ability to help us to adjust our program and goals as we progress. She is always positive and makes each session challenging and fun. Plus, we are able to take our program on the road and maintain our active and healthy lifestyle wherever we go. - Fred & Vicki - Salida, Colorado

I have used Marce's service and expertise since 2002 to develop programs and strategies to meet my goals. Whether doing programs designed in Fitness, Yoga or Pilates, I have always had results from her personal attention, follow through and focus on the details. I recommend Marce and FitLife Coach, it's cheaper and better than therapy!! - Kathy - Sante Fe, New Mexico

I always check in with Marce when I need information, support and assistance to develop and reach my fitness goals. She is approachable and available via phone or email and always answers my questions and provides me with up to date information. - Izaac - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marce's coaching support via phone and email has been a major factor in my ability to stay consistent with my health and fitness program. Her skills in assisting me to identify ways to reach my goal have allowed me to develop the self knowledge I need to live a healthy life. - Gail - Denver, Colorado

With two jobs and an active two year old, it's been pretty hard to achieve any sort of fitness goals. When we do have time, we typically get on a bike, hike or ski outdoors. Strength training has never been part of our lives. My wife and I aren't "gym people", so creating a home routine has made all the difference. The program FitLife Coach established for us is time efficient, flexible for our schedules and effective! We enjoyed results from the first week and this program is one that we are confident we will stick with. - Dave & Stephanie - El Jebel, Colorado

Fit Life Coach provides expert, proven knowledge with applicable cutting-edge trends in health and fitness. The positive fun program and activities make it possible to achieve your personal goals. - Scott - Cleveland, Ohio

Finding Marce has made a huge difference in our lives. We feel better, stronger, more flexible and have reduced "aches & pains". She has also been a great role model for our 15 year old daughter. Thanks Marce! - Jane & Michael - Santa Fe, New Mexico

FitLife Coach is a bonified collaboration providing specific information and effective feedback related to my personal goals. I enjoy using the site thoroughly, and am continually inspired to make positive changes in my life. - Cyril - Cleveland, Ohio

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